Sunday, February 15, 2009

A First Valentine

Yesterday was our first Valentine's day with our newest family members. We made some wonderful memories. I thought I had received my gifts early but Jim had another surprise for me. 100 mini roses were delivered, one rose for each year he wants to spend with me. DEAL! I got a real gem in Jim! In the afternoon we called the kids together for a family meeting and gave them each a little heart shaped box of chocolates. We thought they would like them but were surprised by just how thrilled they were! We decided to share the love and picked up 10 more boxes of chocolates and headed out in the cold to meet our new neighbors and give them a gift. The reactions where wonderful. We handed out all 10 boxes (despite the cold and rain). When the unsuspecting neighbors would open the door they would find 6 kids yelling "Happy Valentines Day" and one of the children would hand them their box of chocolates. Our neighbors were all very kind and one even remembered every name of each of our family members. We all applauded her when she was done.

We ended the day with a yummy homemade steak dinner and dancing together in the living room. Good Times!

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