Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meet Maizy

For those who know us well this may turn out to be the most shocking post of all. We are the proud new parents to a fantastic dog! We have not had any pets in 8 years and honestly have not been the worlds biggest pet fans. The kids, on the other hand, have begged and begged for a dog but we have told them they had to wait until our family is ready for that kind of responsibility. Beyond that Luke and Lovenie have been TERRIFIED of dogs. The two of them have been coming around a little to the dogs of friends and family so we thought maybe we would just start looking for a pet we would all be okay with. Saturday we went to a CARE pet adoption fair. We met 3 dogs we all really liked. One was my favorite because she was so sweet and mellow, then we also came really close to adopting another dog that was much more playful (but a bit on the hyper side). The very wonderful volunteers directed us towards a dog we had somewhat overlooked and put us in a room alone to get to know her. We all fell in love with her (even Luke and Lovenie!!!). She was right in between the other two. She wasn't so mellow that she would not be playful for the kids, but was not so hyper that she would drive the parents crazy. She is just right! Now that she has been home for a while we all adore her even more. She's just an angel of a dog. She is house trained (big plus), mellow yet silly, and so very sweet to us all. I really went into this whole thing ready to "endure" it for the happiness of the kids but now I'm finding that I may just be the one that is the gaga'est over her! She just darling. So, there it is... we took the plunge and we are all thrilled about it. We look forward to you all meeting our newest sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I am truly amazed! But also excited for your kids. I guess I thought it would be a snake before a dog :-)!


Amanda said...

well, at least it's not a snake!!!


Mr Nice Guy said...

So, do you get your snake now?

Alison said...

Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about you and praying for you. You are a wonderful mom!!!!


Anonymous said...

Maizy is beautiful!

The kids were afraid of the cats when they first came home. The kids have warmed up. The cats not so much. Ron is thrilled! The cats spend the entire day in Marissa's room so his asthma symptoms are better controlled.

My mom has two big hunting dogs ~ don't ask me why. David got kind of used to them when we were visiting over Thanksgiving. Beverly got brave our last night there and stood on the kitchen island while the dogs were being fed.

Ericka said...

What a sweet sweet face!