Thursday, February 05, 2009

The 23RD Night

Just wanted to check in and share that our family is home again (new home that is)! We spent 22 looooooong nights in a hotel during transition. I used to love staying in hotels but I way underestimated the absolute exhaustion that comes from 6 kids in a hotel. There was a whole lot of "shhhh, quiet down" and "Don't do that". It's exciting to be in our home where the kids can be kids and the Mom can get the slightest bit of down time. Last night was our first night in our home. We were up late searching for the boxes that contained the bedding for 7 different beds~ that was fun! It was so very worth it and feels great to be snuggled up in our own digs.

I had posted that we would be without internet for a while as we are having a hard time getting someone out here to hook things up. I was dreading being in a new place without being able to go online to look up where to find things we need and then to mapquest it. Last night I opened up the laptop and told Jim that while I knew there we had almost zero chance of being able to go online... you never know unless you try. Would you believe I found a wireless connection that lets us log on? Woo Hoo. Super excited!!! Not sure where it is coming from but happy to have it.

Stephanie started her first day of school again today. She is in one of the top schools in the state and they have been just fantastic to deal with and seem enthusiastic to work with her and her specific needs.

We are healthy and very very happy to be home again!

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Amanda said...

Wow! You guys are amazing! I bet you can't wait to be settled and having home cooked meals and whatnot. Kudos to you for being such a BRAVE hotel-hangin' momma!!