Thursday, February 15, 2007

True Love

Okay, yesterday I poked fun at my Dad (it's one of our ways of showing love), then today I watched online as he gave a message last night (valentines day). Now I would like to say in all seriousness that My Dad is not only the funniest of anyone I have ever known but he is certainly one of the wisest as well.

During Valentines Day people think and talk a lot about love and gifts. I encourage anyone that wants to know about REAL love and gifts greater then anything in a gift bag (yes, even better then the chocolates you got) to listen to this message about True Love: it will certainly have an impact on your heart and possibly change your life forever.

To hear of this love go to and from the main page click on Will Glaspie True Love (2/14)

I love you Dad! In an Agape kind of love that God has given me for you- one that will never end!

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Angelasparent said...

Thank you, Sweetie. I love you too. Dad.