Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"HOPELESS" Romantic

Here it is... a picture of the "Hopelessly" Romantic. Now, this might sound like a good thing at first glance but then again the word Hopelessly isn't exactly a great word is it? My father is definatly the funniest man alive (if you ask me anyways). I have memories of sitting around the table as a family and my food getting cold because my Dad and brother would crack us up so much it was hard to eat! Today I would like to nominate my Dad into the romance hall of fame with these great examples (you are soon to understand my Mothers amazing since of humor to have Married this man!):
Nomination Example #1- It was my parent's anniversary. My Dad took my Mom to a card shop and told her to look around...pick out the card that she loved's no object. My Mother (who is ALWAYS a good sport about everything) took her time reading many cards until she found one that she loved. She told my Dad that she found the one that she wanted and He said "Great, now go ahead and put it back". From how I recall the telling of the story...Dad figures she read the card so why would he need to buy it?! Seriously, He did NOT buy the card! Now to some this may seem crazy, but to our family it's a memorable story that we all laugh at and is so "my Dad".
Nomination Example #2- (you won't believe this but it's true!) My father is such a romantic man that when he was dating my Mom he would serenade her. Sounds sweet right? Well, here is the chorus of the song... you be the judge:
"I wouldn't take her to a dog fight, or any other place I've ever been.
I wouldn't take her to a dog fight, not even if she had a chance to win."
It's true I'm afraid. He really did sing that to her and she married him anyways! No wonder I'm as messed up as I am. There is a verse to that song my Dad would sing to me too when I was a teenager that is too painful for me to add on here (plus I have conveniently forgotten the words). My therapist suggested that I not discuss this with anyone!
So these are just a couple of examples of countless ways my father has cracked us up. He's always had a great joke, an encouraging word, lots of hugs and kisses for everyone in the family, He's NEVER met a stranger (even someone He's never met is a friend). My Mom and Dad are the most beautiful example of what a marriage can be when God is the main priority. They both have this amazing gift of laughter and love and I consider it a real honor that God would allow me to be their daughter!
Even after this life my Father wishes to continue to make others laugh. He has made my Mother promise that when He heads off to heaven that she would have this engraved on his headstone:
"I told you I was sick!"
After many years of insisting my Mother has agreed. I hope we have MANY MANY more years of my Dad's jokes and laughter here on earth. He is one of the greatest gifts this earth has ever received!
Dad- You have an opportunity to rebuttal or add to this in the comments area if you like.
Mom and Dad- You are two truly amazing people. I hope you had a wonderful day together today and I thank you for your example of what a fun and loving marriage looks like!
All my love, Angela

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Angelasparent said...

Angela, too bad you have chose to forget the words to the part I used to sing to you. The last line goes, "She's the spittin' image of her mother in the face." Now,you know that is a major complement. Besides, if you must know, the reason your mother married me was for my money. And, after neary 36 years, she says she is going to stay with me until I get some!