Friday, February 09, 2007

Sharing our personal joy again!!

Letter from Stephanie- this is the first time ever that we have heard from any of our children in Haiti. Here is our heart-melting letter from our daughter Stephanie. Please pray with us that she and her brother and sister will come home to us soon. Here is letter. It begins with a note from a very kind missionary that is allowing us to use her email to communicate!:

Here is the response from Stephanie. She is sitting beside me at the computer, her hair is braided in cornrows and she is wearing a funky little leopard-spottedshirt. She most of this letter herself and I asked her some questions to prompt her and give her an idea of what sorts of things you would like to know about. When I showed her the photo of the her brothers, she jumped and asked me "is it real?" I didn't know what she meant for a minute and then I realized she was talking about the dinosaur behind the boys. So cute! Where do you live in the States? Enjoy the letter,Kez
Dear Mom and Dad,It is a real pleasure to write you this letter. Howare you, my brothers and the whole family? I love youvery much. Thank you for the letter. I really appreciated it. Iam very happy to hear that you have converted (notefrom Kez- I'm not sure why she phrased it that way, but I can tell you that when I read the letter to her and I got to the part about your family being Christian, she gave this little wriggle of excitement and said Oh, good!) I love to eat peanut butter sandwiches; sometimes we eat it in the morning for breakfast, sometimes at night. I like to sing, and to draw. I like to play with Lovenie. I like to iron and wash clothes (!!). I go to school Monday through Friday, my school is in the same building as where we live. I live on the third floor and I have school on the second floor. Iwear a uniform to school it's blue and white checked. I like my uniform. Jude wears the same uniform but his has pants and mine is a skirt. I'm in first grade. We âre studying history, numbers,dictation, copying (to learn how to write). I don'tlike my teacher very much because she hits us too much when she is punishing us. My teacher teaches us in both French and creole. Could you send me your phone number? Lovenie loves you, Jude loves you, and I love you too. Do you know when you are going to come to Haiti? I pray for you every day.
Kisses,Your daughter, Stephanie.

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Linda said...

Oh Angela,

How I am praying for your family. May those wonderful children be home soon.


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