Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our God is SO awesome!!!!

Birthmom- Vilcianne Leon
Too cool for words: Our sweet Jude in bed.

Stephanie just hanging out looking gorgeous!

Our always thoughtful Stephanie sharing her snack with friends!

Surprise baby brother: Vilner Leon! Is he cute, or what??

It happened again... Jeremiah 29:11. For anyone that has not heard about this... every time we are about to receive news about the adoption Jer. 29:11 pops up out of the blue. We have had it sent to us in emails, have seen it on signs out in public, heard it in messages, on fliers slipped through our door, on the radio... always when we are not expecting it. Within about 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours) after me our my husband hear or see this verse we get news. Well, it came up while my husband was listening to the radio today and sure enough.... I got an email from a missionary that is staying at the orphanage telling us all sorts of things about the kids, but most surprising to us was a comment about how their biological Mother comes to see them in the orphanage frequently and brings their little brother to see them. LITTLE BROTHER? No one told us about a little brother! Although we thought their birthmom looked pregnant in a picture we had of her. We also received another email today from the same sweet missionary with the above great pictures. While my attitude has been bad today over the frustration of the wait it occured to me that it must be so much harder for Vicianne who must wonder everytime she sees her kids that it may be the last time. I'm greatful for that reason that we did not have a speedy adoption process (even if it is hard to wait). Her husband (their birthfather) died just a year ago and now she is having to say goodbye to 3 out of 4 of her children! I often ask for prayers for us during this adoption. Today I ask instead for prayers for this beautiful woman!
Joyfully, Angela

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