Thursday, February 22, 2007

Family Fun

No jokes today but I would like to share a couple ideas of fun things we like to do with our family. If you have any fun idea's for family time please email them to me to share. Thanks, Angela

Cookie cutter pancakes:

No ordinary pancakes in this house! They are usually filled with chocolate chips (family favorite) or on more creative days we make plain large pancakes and give our boys cookie cutters. They love to pick out different shapes to make their pancake bites. The gingerbread man has been a real favorite and they like to make a big deal over biting off his head (yes, I know we need therapy!). For Christmas or winter time shapes we sprinkle powdered sugar over the pancakes to make a snow scene.

Peanut Butter Playdough:
Our kids love this snack/toy!
How to make PB playdough,
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup corn syrup
1 cup of of powdered milk
This is not something you can mix well with a spoon. Get it in your hands and smush it again and again until it takes the form and texture of playdough. If it's a little dry add a tad of corn syrup, if it's too sticky add a little powdered milk.
I lay out wax paper on the table for them and give them a clump of PB playdough. They play with it for a long time making different shapes and then gobble it up when they are done. I haven't met a kid yet that didn't like it!


No, not more about food... the game. Last night our family spontaneously ended up playing sardines for hours. We turned out almost all the lights in the house and played the game kind of like a backwards hide and seek. When you find the person hiding you cram into their hiding spot with them- not letting the other players see or hear you doing so. By the end of the round all but one person is squeezed into the hiding place stifling giggles until the last person finds us all. We had a lot of fun and the kids just love it when Mom and Dad get in on the kid games and we had a lot of laughs as well!


While I am a game fanatic I can't stand the game scrabble! Too much sitting there waiting for the other person to play and then when it's my turn to play I have to think (and we all know that's no game for me!). However, for those of you that do enjoy this torture of a game I just happen to have a list of the 10 highest scoring words: 1. Bezique 2. Cazique 3. Jazzily 4. Quartzy 5. Quetzal 6. Quizzed 7. Zephyrs 8. Zincify 9. Zinkify 10. Zythums.

Have some fun with your family today!

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Britney said...

Hi! I found your blog through Leanne's blog (the Haiti Lady). I'm from Haiti, so I enjoy reading about your pending adoption. Good luck with everything! Love your blog!