Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spring Fling Dance

Last night we took our kids to their first ever dance! What a blast we had with them!!! So fun that they are not yet "too cool" to dance with their Mom and Dad. The dance was for home schooling families. I think going to it reconfirmed my positive thinking about home schooling. It was pretty well attended and 90% of the people there were on the dance floor all night. The feel of the party was just plain fun. Kids of all ages were dancing together, laughing, and having a good time. I saw zero bad attitudes, unkindness, or self conciseness. Just a bunch of well adjusted and kind kids having a great time with each other and even with THEIR PARENTS! ;)

Pre-Party Photos:
Lovable Luke
This is the most he moved all night.

Sweet dear Johnny

Charming Kyle

Darling Jude

Adorable Lovebug

The Boy Pack

The Gang
Party Time:
Yep, This is pretty much what Luke did the whole time.

Johnny doesn't mess around~ he's here to DANCE

Kyle hams it up for the camera

Lovenie was the biggest littlest party girl there. She was dancing all over that hall. She would even find people forming circles and bust through to dance in the middle of them all~ much to the delight of everyone. She can really get down!

Go Lovenie, Go Lovenie

Jude started out a bit shy and reserved but every now and then would bust a major move. He sure can dance!

Despite his fun hamming it up moves Kyle was in quite the demand with the ladies/girls last night. He's such a little charmer.

Just Sweet
Post Party:


Anonymous said...

That Luke ought to go into theater. What an expressive face!

Amanda said...

Luke's cute! Hee hee...

How fun! Bust a move!! :~)

Kathy C. said...

What precious, precious children.