Monday, May 04, 2009

Miracles, Joy, and Tears

Life continues to move forward EXACTLY the way God planned for it to all along. It's a very cool thing to get to see and recognize God at work in a situation that otherwise would seem so hopeless. Yet, He continues to amaze us. We have been praying for a miracle and it is starting to look like we may be seeing an answer to that prayer. Because nothing is definite quite yet I'll withhold the details for now.

It is a seriously EMOTIONAL time. Whew! When going into our adoptions we never for a moment imagined it to turn out any other way then to be a lifetime of our children in our home with our family. Due to the circumstances we may be saying a very difficult goodbye very soon. There just are no words for how sad that makes me. While she will not be by any means out of our lives, she may be very far away from us. The floodgates of tears just keep coming.

While seeking God through this tough time He kept telling me again and again that this is just something that must happen for His plan to be fulfilled in Stephanie's life. It has been a truly great honor to be used by God in any way He chooses to use us. We will always be thankful that God would allow us any role in His plan for Stephanie's life. It may not be what WE thought it was going to be but God keeps reminding me:

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are my ways your ways."

I wouldn't want it any other way. So today maybe I shed a lot of tears over things not being what we had dreamed they would be but I will also be thanking God for so many things. Thankful for His faithfulness, for guiding us and helping us, the kindness and love of others, and so much more.

We ask for your continued prayers especially for Stephanie. We know God has great big wonderful plans for her life!


Nadia said...

that's what my mom says about our situation..maybe we were just part of the plan to get her to where she was supposed to be...only God knows. continuing to pray for your family.

Amanda said...

Praying for you tonight, that God would speak peace to your heart as you take this new path in your journey.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Angela ---- May God restore the years the locust have eaten in Stephanie's life. And cause his face to shine upon you/your family as well as her. May He bless you indeed and enlarge your territories (which it sounds like he's doing...) and keep you all from evil. Blessed be his name ..... in good and in troubling times. His name is worthy to be praised.


Anonymous said...

I have been praying for Stephanie since you first mentioned your struggles on your blog. I will continue to pray!

Juli said...

you are one amazingly faithful and joyful person! you have my prayers.