Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Last Moments Alone

Stephanie and I were blessed with some great alone time together as we traveled to Haiti. We had a lot of laughs and hugs~
Miami Airport waiting for our flight to Haiti
Just sitting pretty

A last girls night together in the Miami airport Hotel.


Amanda said...

(((Hugs To You!!!)))

Anonymous said...

Angela, You are the only person I know who makes hot and humid look beautiful!

Praying for Stephanie.

Ericka said...

Hi Angela,
My thoughts and prayers are so with you right now.
What a trip - I hope you have some peace and Stephanie is ok.
I'm writing because I've been made aware of a sibling group of three (15, 14, 13) who according to their SW are AWESOME kids and are Haitian descent!
They are in foster care on the West Coast and need homes.
Here's a link to their info:
The SW said they are truly great kids, great with little ones, level headed and really really want a permanent family (they totally get it),
Can you please help me get the word out????