Thursday, May 07, 2009

Giving Her Back To You

Today could be a day that changes our family's future. Pretty big deal! It's also been a very emotional time and requiring some major decisions~ which means we've been praying lots. Here is the good news... God keeps confirming again and again that this is all part of His plan and we need to trust Him in it all.

My bible reading today hit so at home with what is happening;

1 Samuel 1-8 tells of a woman named Hannah that is heartbroken because she is unable to have a baby. While I can't so much relate to the pain of infertility I can relate to the tears shed for over 3 years while we waited to bring our adopted children home.

9-18 Hannah cries out to the Lord begging for her child. I cried out for years begging for our children.

19-20 Hannah immediately becomes pregnant and has the child, Samuel, she has longed for for so long! Just as our children were at last sent home to us. I can comprehend the unbelievable joy she experienced to know that her dream had at last been fulfilled.

21-27 Hannah keeps Samuel with her until he is weaned. Can you imagine in that time the bond and love she would have felt for this long awaited child? Once weaned she keeps her promise to the Lord and "gives her child back to Him". She takes him to be raised in the tabernacle where he will grow to know and serve God and be used greatly by him.

God Please give me the strength to be willing to say, like Hannah, that I give your child back to you to do your will in her life. May it lead to a future for her of serving you.

1 Samuel 2; 1

Then Hannah prayed;

"My heart rejoices in the Lord. The Lord has made me strong."

My heart does rejoice in knowing He has a great plan for our daughter, even while it breaks at knowing what we must do. I can see how it would make me stronger, like Hannah, to wait so long and love so much just to say goodbye.

These next few days are likely to be pretty tough. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we sort out the details.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you! I am so glad you are are able to trace God's hand.

From an entry on my blog:

"Be open to spiritual revelation or a word from God regarding His plans for your life. God had a plan for Hannah’s child. God’s plans for Samuel’s future meant that Hannah would only be able to keep the child until he was weaned or until he was about three-years old. Hannah had to align her plans for her child with God’s plans."

God has a plan for Stephanie too.

And, according to Jewish tradition, Samuel served as a priest and wore an ephod even as a lad. His mother, the robe sewer, wasn't making an ordinary garment, she was dressing him in priestly garments. You are a garment sewer working to prepare Stephanie for a position of dignity, representing the Lord and his power to the people ~

Amanda said...

I have chills as I read this...just at God's faithfulness to you in your journey. May God place a special peace in your heart today as seek His will.

ManyBlessings said...

Beauty from ashes.

Praying for your family.


Amanda said...

Hey Angela. Just wanted to say I'm thinking and praying for you right now. I hope God gives you peace through the coming days whatever decision was made.

donna said...

I'm new here. I would like to email you about some things but the email address I found on your adoption blog came back to me.

I also wanted to say that although I don't know you, your family, or your details, I understand a lot of what you must be going through. We've been through similar and it changes your lives. It's very hard going through it all, but a lot of the changes that occur end up being so positive. And the biggest change is your relationship to God, at least it was for me. I never want to go through some of our things again - but, I am so thankful for them at the same time because of what it did to my faith and joy and peace. And my perspective of life as a whole.

I hope you are finding or will find that same thing as you watch God's care and provision for your family.

take care,

Kathy C. said...

Great thoughts.