Thursday, March 12, 2009

Years In Waiting

It's been a little surreal recently to be thinking about the fact that it was almost exactly 2 years ago that we requested to adopted our dear sweet Jacques! 2 years ago that he found out that a family (the first family he has ever known) had requested that he would please join our crazy little clan for the rest of our lives. Almost 2 years ago that I first hugged him and knew without any doubt he had always been destined to be our son. We had attempted to add his adoption to the paper work that we already had in progress to adopt Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie. It was a couple months later that we learned that IBESR (Haiti social services) had denied our request to adopt him saying that we would have to wait for our adoptions of the 1st three to be complete and then try again. Crushing... just crushing!

We know he is more then worth the wait but the waiting can be so hard. Because we have been facing so many issues with one of our children we sometimes think about how this might be part of the "why" he wasn't able to come home too. I would really love to have a stable family for him to come home to.

It was so great when the kids had internet access and we could at least write him and have a relationship with him. For the last several months the kids at HFC have not had internet access and so that kind of contact was lost. During our move a couple different people went to Haiti and we usually beg whoever is going to please take letters, pictures, and gifts to our son for us. These last couple of times the timing was hectic and we didn't get anything in the mail in time. How I worry that he will think we just stopped caring! I wish there was some way to pour out to him how we feel about him and how much he is wanted here with us. We just continue praying for him and thinking about him everyday. One day this will all be behind us and I can cuddle up with him (you think a teen will cuddle??) and tell him all of this face to face. One day he'll know how much we want him. He may never understand how humbled I feel that God would let us parent and love such an amazing boy! I would much rather have years of waiting then to not know him at all.


Amanda said...

I can't imagine, Angela! I'm struggling SO much with the lack of communication and the insane ridiculous wait in IBESR. I have no idea if we've even made it to the president's desk or not. I'm quite discouraged!

**sigh** I guess this is part of it, huh? Praying for all of us waiting in this difficult circumstance.

Anonymous said...

How about if you get him a Haitian cell phone? Calls coming in are free. As long as he doesn't use the phone to make calls, you won't even have to worry about adding minutes. If you do let him make calls, you can add minutes via the internet.

Instead of setting certain time, I would just pick a day (or 2) since sometimes it's difficult to get through.