Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Worlds Greatest Guy!

A huge shout out to my man! This week has been an especially hard time for our family with breaking (as in heartbreaking) happenings. The timing was just terrible as Jim had to leave early Sunday morning for a business trip. The days have been just horrible with the heavy weight of the things that need immediate attention and decisions. Jim's been calling to pray with me, encourage me, and talk with me whenever he can. Insisting that he wishes he could be right here helping with the situation.

To top it off, today is our much talked about monthaversary and Thursday will mark the 2 year celebration of being seizure free. I have not been in much of a celebrating mood (shocking, right??). Then my doorbell rings and I am handed a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It nearly brought me to tears (a different kind of tears then the other many shed ones)! How does he know exactly what I need and exactly when I need it? What a GREAT guy!

This is not a time I would wish on anyone but I am not in it alone. Not only is God right here throwing sunshine moments into my day but he's even given me a strong and thoughtful husband to see us through it all. There is a lot of comfort in that!


Amanda said...

my heart is heavy for you, Angela. Praying for you now.

rubythread said...

Angela,I am so sorry to hear that your family is struggling. I will be praying for peace for all of you and strength to get through this time.