Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Then WHO Can Help?

The difficulties continue and the stories get increasingly sad. There are a lot of things going on that we will not likely share on this blog for the sake of our children's privacy~ but times are really tough so please keep praying for us!

Today I went to the first appointment with a psychiatrist seeking help for one of our children that really needs a lot of help. The psychiatrist is at a large mental health clinic. I know some of the things we are dealing with are extreme and serious but I was thinking that psychiatrists have likely seen and heard it all. Imagine my surprise when the psychiatrist was overwhelmed with the issues. That's when you know it's bad. ;) She was kind, spent a couple hours with me, and seemed determined to help in any way they can. There will be a meeting held on Thursday morning when we will find out if they will be able to admit our child to receive help from the clinic or have to refer us elsewhere. I have been warned though that the Dr. thinks it likely the issues are too serious for them to handle. I would have never expected that response.

Beyond that~ because of a situation that has come to light regarding something that happened with a couple of our adopted children (before joining our family) the psychiatrist has a legal responsibility to report it to CPS. I understand that and since we have never been in a situation like this before was unsure what you need to report to who. I'll admit that most stories I've heard involving CPS are not good ones so am not thrilled at this prospect. There is a chance they will choose to not investigate it since it did not happen while in our home.

This all is such a great reminder that there are things in life that people, no matter how well trained, can not help us with. Our strength and help truly needs to be from the Lord. He may bring people along to help but our trust really needs to be in Him. Our children need healing beyond anything any person can offer (including us parents). We do trust in God to see us through this and heal our children. We don't know what His plan is or how many more dark days we have ahead of us, but we do know He loves our kids more then we do and He will not leave us in this place. One day our family will have an amazing testimony to share! One day we will be able to reach out to others to help encourage them through similar hard times (like others are doing for us). This too will all be used for the good!


Amanda said...

Oh Angela. This is quite a heavy burden to bear! He will hold you up, my friend, and your dear children.

danellejoy said...

I'm reading "Leading Little Ones to God" with our foster-daughter right now and this is exactly what our lesson was about last night. How God is always taking care of us even in the hurting times, and that He will use whatever it is for good. We don't have to understand it all...just trust Him. Thank you for cementing this for me. And for being such a testimony even right now! My heart breaks for you,Angela, yet I know the God we serve will carry you through this. May He bless you today.

Beka said...

I am praying that you are lifted on wings of eagles today!


Julie said...

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. ~ Ephesians 6:12

Angela, I will be praying this morning (Thursday) that you find the help you need. I will pray about the CPS report too. I have to say, and I realize that others don't have the same experience, my daughter's state appointed caseworker has been a blessing to our family. She helps me find services, finances, etc. She has never over-stepped her bounds and tried to parent in my place. She even supported my decision to begin home schooling and has been very vocal in telling people that the last year Marissa was in school was horrible in terms of the support I got from the school district.

I learn from other parents who have been there and done that. One of the "experts" is a pastor who has 12 adopted children. He recently posted an entry on "self-differentiation," or maintaining an appropriate distance without creating an emotional cut-off.

I wish I had this wisdom when I started.

Amy Brownell said...

God loves you and many friends love you too. We support you and will pray for you all!


Anonymous said...

Boy....you are in the trenches! You are so right ---- only He can redeem this into something good and restore the years the locust have eaten.

praying just that,