Friday, July 25, 2008

Excitement and Travel Plans

SOOO excited. One week from today we will have eight of our 10 family members at home and finally all together. It's just so hard to believe it is really happening! It is really happening though, isn't it?

I've enjoyed a great week with my family and will be leaving my parents house very soon to meet back up with Jim in the bay area. Tonight we will enjoy one last great date night. Kind of the childless calm before the child filled storm of fun. Tomorrow morning Jim and I will take the long drive home. Our first flight to Haiti is Monday morning but we will have to leave home around 2AM or so for the airport so it is more like Sunday night really. Tuesday morning we will be hugging our Haitian babies! Thursday afternoon we will say goodbye to our sweet Jacques and head to America with Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie. Friday morning we will be back in Southern CA and Friday afternoon our family will be together again!

The time is flying by so fast now. Bryn told me that she is planning a going away party for the kids. I'm so excited for them. I've put together 60 goodie bags for the party. That's been so much fun to do and I can't wait to give them to Stephanie and Jude to pass out to their HFC friends!

Okay, I've gotta go say goodbye to our boys and my parents. I'll miss them SO much! Then I need to get on the road so I can be reunited with my very much missed husband.

Thanks so much for your many prayers, emails, and comments. We really do have the most amazing family and friends. We love you guys and I'll post again as soon as I can but it will probably be once we are home with the kids. What an exciting time!!!


Beka said...

I wish I could travel with you! My heart is in Haiti and I will be thinking of you the whole time you are gone. Love, Beka

Rose Anne said...

Enjoy your trip and get lots of pic's!!
God Bless your family in this new stage.....
Rose Anne

The Haiti Lady said...

Please hug everyone at the O for me as well as Dr. B, Claudette, Samuel, Reginald...ok...everyone! :-)
Love ya,

Amy said...

I'll be thinking of your each day and imagining and living vicariously through you during your time in Haiti! I can't get enough of that feeling, the sad, the overwhelming joy, the heaviness of it all, but mostly the presence of God, who has brought you to this joyful time!!!! SO HAPPY for your family, Angela and I will keep Jacques and Vilner in my prayers too. And soon, you'll be back to pick them up too!

Amy B.

Amanda said...

Dear Angela!

I am praying for you as you begin this last leg of this particular journey! Have an absolutely fabulous time! As we were in Nashville, I couldn't help but look at each huge plane that flew overhead! One day it will be me! I hope to have the same strength and perserverence. I've so many good examples in front of me!

I'm just so excited for you. I'm sending all my love along with you for my sweet boy!

Enjoy your journey!

Julie said...

Hello! I found you by searching "switched on schoolhouse" on youtube. I will be homeschooling using their cirriculum this comming school year. It will be my 1st time homeschooling and I am excited! I have a 10 yr old and a 4 yr old, both girls. I was wanting to meet some homeschool moms and maybe right back and forth time to time. My e-mail is

Amy said...

Could you please email me at I have a question about Haiti adoptions. Thank you-

us. said...

just curious [maybe you wrote about it & i missed it!], but i see you'll be leaving jacques & bringing home stephanie, lovenie & jude - what about vilner, are you adopting him too? - when will he be coming home? - will you be seeing him while in haiti? - congrats from the shepler bunch!!


Amanda said...


At least I hope, and I'm praying for safe, safe travels, wonderful adjustments, and sweet, sweet moments and you all become a family under ONE roof! Hallelujah!

JJJ said...

i really enjoy reading your blog ... it was one of the first ones i book marked when we started our own haitian adoption journey. you have had a wild ride to bring your children home ... and i bet by now you are on american soil with your beautiful kids. Looking forward to your "we're home" post.