Monday, July 07, 2008

Beginning a little adventure

It is amazing how fast things happen around here. I'm pretty sure our lives could be used for one of those "Life comes at you fast" commercials! It's all good though. I don't know if we would know what to do with ourselves if we were not in a constant mode of change. Tomorrow we load up the car and head off for our trip to the bay area (Renee~ Please email me you phone #, maybe we could get together??!!). As is common with our lifestyle we have only known about this trip for a few days and we are already packed and ready to roll. How long we will stay is totally unknown! We are hoping to stay until we finally get the news that it is time to travel to Haiti.

So for the next... uhm.. well, I don't know how long... Me and the kids will get to hang out at a hotel, spend time at my parents house (woo hoo!!), spend time with some of Jim's family (Donna, Matt, and Edith~ we'll be in touch soon) and the thing I'm most excited about is NO DISHES, COOKING, CLEANING, and very little LAUNDRY. Life is real good. Crazy, but good!


Amanda said...

Have a REALLY wonderful time, and I do hope that you go from the Bay to HAITI!!! I'm praying for you and your entire family.

Anonymous said...

I just can't imagine you having to pack up and move again. But if you get the kids from Haiti soon, maybe that will help! :)

ange said...

where is my LA
oh where is my LA
oh where oh where oh where


I hope you are having a fabulous time, blog soon so we can hear about it.