Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Disappointment... again!

We could use your prayers today. We just received news from Haiti that has us pretty sad and struggling with anger. We have suitcases packed and constantly checking airlines to make plans to leave "any day". It now looks like that will not happen for a while. We are deeply disappointed. We continue to try to hold on to a little hope that the news we received this morning is incorrect or we are misunderstanding it. Jim is on the phone trying to get some straight answers. I'll update soon but meanwhile we could totally use the prayers!


Amanda said...

Oh Angela. Thanks for posting, even though I know it's the last thing you wanted to post. I'll keep praying, girl.

Rebekah Hubley said...

I am praying that God is Moving Mountains in your midst!!!!!! Keep your faith: they will come home!!!

Ericka said...

Oh Angela. Hugs and prayers here.

The Haiti Lady said...

Email me or call me and let me know what is going on and will see if I can help ya out in any way!
Love ya,

Rose Anne said...

Praying that it was a miscommunication!!!
May our wonderful Lord move all objects in the way and your children be home soon!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Becky Hinchley said...

I'm so sorry Angela. What is the hold up?