Monday, February 22, 2010

Video of our story on the News



Heather Baker said...

Beautiful!! <3 It's good to see you and hear you "in person," too!

stephanie garcia said...

Angela, I have a question for you as you've gone through the Haitian adoption process already. Do you know what IBESR's post-placement requirements are? Our adoption agency is closing its doors and we are trying to determine how many visits we are required by Haiti to do, vs. what the agency itself was requiring. Thanks! ~Stephanie

Anne said...

Hi Angela,

I just got Sheri Y's email introducing your family. We are in Fremont, and also passionate about adoption. We have adopted three and are working on three more. I would love to get together with your family. Email me when we can get together.

Love, Anne

Stephanie said...

ANGELA! Did I know you lived in Nor Cal??? So do I! I live in Davis.....I know angelique lives in the sac area too...WOW!