Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A new definition of CUP cakes!

Leave it to my uber fun Mom to send me a fun activity to do with the kids! We made a whole new definition of cup cakes today! Here is what we did... Break up the kids into teams of two~ Jacques and Luke, named Team Ja-uke. Brennah (one of my beloved Mother's helpers) and Lovenie, named Team Brenovie. And Kyle and Johnny, Team Kyohnny. Each team had a bowl (recipe says to mix in mug/coffe cup but easier to do in a bowl and pour in), a 1 TBSP measuring spoon (the only measurement needed), and a few ingredients. The teammates would take turns putting in their bowl the ingredients called out. Once all ingredients were added and mixed it was then poured into coffee cups (which I sprayed with pam spray just incase). These coffee cups were then put into the microwave for just 3 minutes. This part was super fun to watch (see video below) because the cake would rise way above the level of the cup and you were SURE it was about to topple over. Then the cup could be dumped over onto a plate, split in half and you have yourselves some chocolate cake for each team member! They had a blast making them and a blast eating them! Thanks Mom!!!

Team Ja-uke~ Jaco stirs in some cocoa while Luke cheers him on with a big thumbs up

Team Brenovie~ Brennah supervises while Lovenie stirs their batter.

Team Kyohnny~ Kyle mixes in the sweet stuff while Johnny waits for his turn.

All the teams working happily together!

Cup of Cocoa (cake) anyone?

Slip out of the cup, onto a plate, split, and serve

Take in the smiles!

We blasted the tops of them with some whipped cream and then it was time to dig in!!!

Below is a video of the kids crowding around the microwave to watch the cake grow out of the cup while cooking~

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