Thursday, February 04, 2010


This is an area that people put up birthday and other signs as you enter into our neighborhood. Everytime I would see one I would think "One day I'm going to put up a welcome home sign for Jacques". That day has come!

We got to the airport and were in the waiting for arrivals area. When it was just minutes until the arrival I decided to get a picture of the kids holding a welcome home banner, balloons, and waving flags. Everyone else in the waiting area was real curious about what we were up to and a couple American Airline employees came over and asked us who we were waiting for. When I explained to them many of the other waiters cheered and were so excited for us. Then the AA employees totally surprised me and said "Let's get you to their gate!". We were so excited to be able to go and stand right where he would walk off the plane but we had just minutes until their arrival. They had to run and get us passes to get us through security. I had water bottles they had to run and dump out as well. When I asked one of the employees if he really thought we could make it on time he responded "I've gotten far less important people then you to the gate on time. Like politicians". I had a good laugh at that! It was something like out of a movie! It was a mad scramble to run with all the kids to the security area. Each of the boys had brought their own bags. I had a bag and a purse. We all had to get off our shoes. I think we took up about 8 bins!!! Then getting everything through the scanner was crazy enough until security told me I had to put our ballons through the scanner. I asked if that would pop them and they said they didn't know but we had to do it. So into the scanner I attempted with the balloons but they just kept flying back out and did not have enough weight to cause the belt to move. So the security guard grabbed someone elses bag and rammed it in to make it go. I cringed waiting for all the balloons to pop, but miraculously they made it to the other side. Once on the other side it was a mad scramble to get 10 shoes back on 10 feet, and gather back up all our things. By this time the plane had already landed and Jim called my cell phone. He excitedly told us he was there and about to get off the plane. I asked him to delay for a few minutes, which totally confused him. ;-) After gathering our things we all RAN to the gate and as fast as I could we scrambled to set everyone up with banner, balloons, and flags. Everyone waiting in the terminal just stared at us but we were on a mission. Then I called Jim and said "Okay, come out." I'm at a loss of word to describe what it felt like to see the man I love walk off a plane with the son we've waited so long for!!! From behind the banner we cheered and yelled for just seconds before we ran to him to give and get hugs. Someone sitting nearby took this photo for us afterwards~ we are thankful to have captured our first moments together!

Jacques immediately showed such excitement and kindness to each of the kids and the bond for all of them to him was instant! Everyone of us just adore him!!!

After gathering everyone and everything up we still had another exciting reunion. Jim's sister, Donna, and her family had shown up at the airport also to meet him. So off we went to introduce their new nephew/cousin to them. It made it all the sweeter to have them there!!!

It was around dinner time so we decided to all go have a bite to eat together before we all headed home. That is when I learned that Jacques had been sick to his stomach and also notice he had a bright red eye that was irritated and really hurting him. He sure isn't a complainer! I would have had no idea he wasn't feeling great if he had not told us. Then Luke started feeling sick, then Kyle, then Lovenie. Oh dear! Happy to report that they are all just fine this morning!

Welcome Home our dear sweet Jaco!!! It was one of the most wonderful moments in our lives to be able to finally bring him home. I've spent some time with Jacque in Haiti and KNEW that we would all adore him. However, having him here and really getting to see his personality and watch him interact with his new family~~~ we could not be any prouder of him! What a WONDERFUL person he is!!!


Becky Hinchley said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures Angela. I'm so, so, happy for you!

ManyBlessings said...

Do you feel like you're in a dream?!?!? Can any of you (Jacques included) even believe this has really happened?!?!?!?

Carol DeNooyer said...

Hi Angela,
How wonderful it was to read your blog over the last week and catch up with what was going on! I'm the one you met on BART on the way to the airport. I have been praying for Jacque's safe home-coming and that the details will soon fall into place. God is so good. He took care of all that, didn't He? What a roller-coaster ride! Blessings to you and your whole family and you bond together and create wonderful memories.

Heather Baker said...

PRAISE HIS NAME! I must have missed this post yesterday, but all day I had a feeling that he was HOME. I am so happy for you all! God is good. All the time. I pray for this adjustment time to be smooth, peaceful and full of laughter. You all deserve that much! We are snowed in here in VA, so I may call you in a few days! Love and hugs!

BethPie said...