Thursday, March 04, 2010

Newspaper Blitz

On the day that Jaco came home to us I talked with a Newspaper reporter that was interested in doing an article of our family. I thought they would just want to come to the airport and capture Jaco leaving the plane and joining his family. However, they wanted instead to come to our home. I thought this article would show up just in the 1 local paper but it has started popping up in newspapers all over the Bay area. One company owns 14 Bay area newspapers and it seems that they are putting the same article in several of their papers. There is no telling how many of them it will end up in. It's been funny to have people from different parts of the bay area come up to us or contact us and say "We saw you in our paper today". It's been fun to track it as much as we can. We've even heard from a friend that a link to our article was on

We had seriously considered not doing the article but we wanted to do whatever we could to help keep anything connected to Haiti in the news so that people do not begin to move on with their lives and forget about their great need. So we prayed that God would use it for that purpose and so it's been fun to see how much He has mulitplied it far beyond what we expected!

Below is a link to one of the articles. In all of them the wording is the same but the photos change. So far we've seen the above photo, a photo of Kyle and Lovenie dancing around in the living room (to Kyle's horror), and one of me helping Jaco with some school work. I'm curious to know what other photos are showing up in the other papers as they took hundreds while here!

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