Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summer Staycation Part 2

The second child to choose our staycation outing was Johnny. He chose to go to Ripleys Believe It Or Not in San Francisco at Fisherman's Warf. The weather was just lovely and we made a lot of wonderful memories!

Is that an escape convict from Alcatraz behind them? No wonder why they're scared!

Jude with the king of Pop

Kyle with the king

Can you make this face? (Johnny)



After our many fun Believe It Or Not adventures we finished off the outing with lunch at Fisherman's Warf where you can find THE MOST delicious fish and chips and shrimp and crab cocktail. Then we walked the short distance to sit ocean side in the sun while enjoying our feast. We sat right near a Jamaican band and totally enjoyed the music while Lovenie danced for everyone.

Videos posted below~

Video 1~ Lovenie dances to the live music at Fisherman's Warf

Video 2~ Do you DARE reach in the mouth?

Video 3~ Jude takes the shocking Hot Seat

Video 4~ Johnny takes the challenge in the Hot Seat too

Video 5~ Jim shows them how it's done and holds on to the Max of the Hot Seat!!

Video 6~ Our family in a life sized kaleidoscope (was so beautiful)


PL Baurer said...

I think you have a girl with natural talent rhythm!

What was in the mouth? Did it squirt water --- or shock you?

What made them giggle on the hot seat --- did it get hot?


Amanda said...

Fun! Loved watching lovenie dance. :~)

And that place looks like a lot of fun!