Friday, October 09, 2009

Home Schooling On The Run

Today we had an appointment to have our new car receive it's 3 months service (can't believe it has been 3 mo. already!). Problem is that the appointment was at 8AM which just happens to be the same time Jude needs to be at school. So a little shuffling happened and Jim took the van and went into work a little later then usual so that he could drop Jude off at school. My quest was to have the other 4 kids dressed, fed, and school work packed to head out the door by 7:30 AM. This is HUGE for me since I am not used to having to leave the house until around 10AM at the earliest with the kids, and even that is a challenge.

So we make it to the dealership at EXACTLY 8AM (I was quite proud of us!). We handed over the car and hit the lobby to begin our school day. Kyle and Johnny set up shop with their laptops at a table. Luke sat in a big comfy chair with his 2nd grade work on his lap. Lovenie and I snuggled in another chair and worked on learning how to draw and say "square". We decided to take a break and hit the free hot cocoa machine. It was really just a lovely time! Afterwards we stopped in at a McD's with a coffee shop type lounge area where, once again, laptops, workbooks, and notepads made their appearance. After a while the kids took their "recess" on the play scape. I sat outside watching them play, soaking up sun, and sipping sweet tea while listening to our children play. Many times they would return to me to dish out hugs and "I love you Mom" 's. What sweet sweet children. They are such a joy to me!!

On Thursday mornings Kyle has started a drama/choir club. While he is in practice the rest of us set up school at a picnic table in the sunshine and midway take a picnic snack break. So lovely!! At least 4 out of 5 days a week we find ourselves spending at least some time outdoors for school. I've just been overwhelmed lately at what a joy, honor, and blessing it is that I am able to home school our children. I'm often asked by people "how do you do it" or hear "I would never have the patience to home school my kids". It's just not that way for me. I find myself being far more stressed trying to get Jude off to his public school by their set time, pick him up again at their set time, and then spend the same amount of time helping with his home work that it would take me to just home school him! I can't wait for the day that we think he is ready to be home schooled too!! I love the freedom we have in home schooling. I love the things that our children are not being exposed to before an age appropriate time.

This morning I was reading an article called "Parenting With No Regrets" and it was about a family that had decided to home school their children. Just seven weeks later they were in a terrible car accident and only the Father survived. His wife and 4 children were killed. He talks about how very thankful he was for so much family time in those last days. After reading that I was just soaking up the moments that I got to hug the kids, laugh with them, reward their good work in hugs and kisses, and think about what a huge blessing it is to have each of those moments with them. This is a time in our children's lives that we will not be able to get back and I am SO thankful to have so many precious moments with them!!

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Dasha Millson said...

So true. I get caught up in the day to day mechanics of homeschooling and don't always take the time to appreciate the blessing of being able to teach my boys and spend so much time with them. I resolve to relax a little and hand out more hugs, praise, and kisses at school!