Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Summer Staycation Part 1

Summer break flew by so quick this year. It seemed like it was nearly over the moment it started! For the first half of summer break we were super busy in taking care of things regarding Jacques' adoption. It was so worthwhile and we thank God that it worked out so great! However, it also was not a very fun time for the kids as we spent long days running from one medical appointment to another and other not-so-fun-for-kids errands. We were so proud of them though for how good they were for us. They had great attitudes about it and were willing to do whatever it takes to bring home their brother!

The second half of summer we decided to try and make it really special for the kids. We allowed each of the four boys to choose anywhere within driving distance to go for a vacation day. They each were assigned a week and they got to choose that weeks outing. The weeks went from youngest to oldest so Luke got to choose the first place and he chose SANTA CRUZ BEACH BOARDWALK!!!! Which just happens to be a place I love going to! (Oh no... I didn't encourage him to choose it at all) wink wink

We also had some visitors staying with us so it was a real party at the boardwalk! We started out on the beach. It was a gorgeous day for the beach and the views were breathtaking!

Then we hit the rides on the boardwalk~
Jude and Lovenie had their first ever rides on a Ferris wheel!

Jude and Kyle on top of the world! Or, at least on top of the boardwalk

Jim and Luke enjoy the view from the top

Lovenie (on the right) is so brave and will ride almost anything without fear!!

End result was some happy happy kids (and a happy Mom and Dad too!)


Kathy C. said...

What a fun place.

Amanda said...

oh man, i totally wanna go there! how fun!