Friday, October 02, 2009

Crazy Hats & Rodent Treats

This week has given me some fun opportunities to be a little creative. Recently our kids started Awanas for the first time. We take them and drop them all off and Jim and I find ourselves alone for 1.5 hours every Wed. evening. We LOVE it!!! We've been making it our date night and having dinner alone at nearby restaurants. This Wed. was Crazy Hat night. Being short on crazy hats around the house I grabbed my balloons and pump and started trying some new things with these results~ Strange little happy people sitting on our children's heads

UCO~ Unidentified Creature Objects
I made many extras to leave for children that came without hats. They were a huge hit. It was so fun when we picked our kids up and I saw so many kids and volunteers running around in my silly little hats!

Earlier in the week I made the kids these peanut butter and chocolate Rodents. Who doesn't love a little rodent for your afternoon snacking pleasure? (I thought of you Mom)

Fun week. Good Times~ Can't believe it is Friday already!!!

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Dasha Millson said...

How do you make the rodents?