Friday, January 29, 2010

He Is Coming Home!!!!

Today, Friday the 29th, we exited our cruise ship and headed to the airport. We were so disappointed that we had not received any information at all about Jacques, and most certainly were not called to leave the cruise to get him. So off to the airport we went. Our flight home was schedualed for 2:55. We managed to talk American Airlines into moving us to standbye on the latest flight tonight instead. Just minutes before we were getting ready to go through security and check in to our flight, we got a phone call from a friend that informed us that over 100 Haitian children were confirmed to be flying out of Haiti tonight or tomorrow.

Now, we had no reason at all to believe that our son would be one of them, except that his orphanage director had an appointment at the embassy today. With that information alone we chose to take a chance and stay one more night. After checking into our room we headed for a late dinner and at 9:15 PM received a call informing us that Jacques had his papers and was ready to depart from Haiti! We do not know when exactly he'll be arriving (or even if he'll for sure come to Miami, though it is the most likely place). They simply told us they would call us back when they knew what flight he would be on. We are expecting it could be tonight or tomorrow!!! I'll update as soon as possible. Hopefully my next update will include news that he is with us! As for now... I'm off to bed where I am sure to toss and turn until that blessed phone call comes in!!!


Heather Baker said...

Praying that TODAY WOULD BE YOUR DAY!!! Love to you all!

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BethPie said...

Praise the LORD! Can't wait for an update! :o)