Friday, January 22, 2010

Can you hear it?

It's the sound of HUNDREDS of adoptive families being reunited with their children! Every day more and more children are coming home!! The DHS has claimed that they will have all 600 orphans that will be coming to America home within the next 10 days (and that was yesterday, so 9 now!). A few of the children from the partner orphanages New Life Link and Hope for the children of Haiti have come home. Many more parents are waiting to hop on a plane at any moment to see their child! Lots of good news coming out of Haiti for adoptive parents!!

Every day we wake up with the thought "Jacques could be home today" and can hardly believe that it could be true!!!

We thank you all so much for your outpouring of prayers and support! We ask that you would please continue to pray that Jacques would be safe and healthy while he waits for his turn to board a plane and come home to us.

Meanwhile, we have non-refundable airline tickets and cruise tickets. We are supposed to leave this Sunday! We have been so torn on what to do. Do we stay home and near the computer so any word that comes through we can jump on a plane, or do we go ahead and go and fly out from there if he comes. We keep going back and forth on what to do. Part of me feels guilty going on a cruise when there is so much hurting in Haiti. Even at home I have been having feelings of guilt to even drink water or eat food. It makes me wonder if Jacques is thirsty or hungry. When I snuggle in my soft warm bed at night I wonder where he is sleeping. If he is comfortable, if he is scared. How much more so will I likely have those emotions on a cruise no less! On the other hand, our family has been through and extremely stressful and traumatic time over the last year and a half. I'm just worn out and concerned that my husband and I continue to strengthen the wonderful bond we have. It could be so great to have calm and quiet time alone together before jumping back into the adjustment and bonding. So as of now... we plan to go. One of the big factors in the decision is that our cruise leaves from Miami, FL. and travels along into the Bahamas so we will be very close to Haiti. Three out of the 6 days we plan to be gone we'll even be in Florida which is the most likely place he'll fly into!!! We've checked with the cruise line and learned that leaving at a moments notice should not be a problem. Checked the airlines to see that getting a flight shouldn't be a problem and I've checked with our cellphone company and learned that we will have access to our phone calls and text messages at all times. We've arranged with a friend to check our emails for us and text us or call if there is anything there we should know about! We've decide to go for it! What we predict may happen is that he will come home after we have been on the cruise a couple of days, but there is no way to know for sure. The only thing that is fairly certain, Lord willing, is that this is sure to be a happy and exciting week! Either we will be on a cruise getting refreshed right before our new family adventure begins or we will be reuniting with our dear Jacques. We can't wait to see how it all comes together!!!


Anonymous said...

Jesus, be with this precious family. YOU know what the next days hold for them. NOTHING will catch You off guard or take You by surpise. Cover, protect, shield and defend each and every one. Send Your angels to minister to Jacques and bring him safely home to his forever family. Bring peace and comfort to the hearts of Angela and her husband...YOU ARE GOD ALONE. We put our trust in You.

THANK YOU for those blessed reunions that are taking place as children are coming home...Give those of us who feel this burden the patience, endurance and wisdom to know how to proceed!!

--Heather B.

PL Baurer said...

Angela, I'd encourage you to go on the cruise. The Lord provides his children with wonderful gifts ( and some of them are vacations) and there is no guilt in enjoying His gifts. Just thank Him everyday you are on it --- soaking up the sun and relaxing. Make it a vacation full of praise --- praising Him day by day, moment by moment --- for the bountiful food, the beautiful views, the gift of luxery, the perfect timing of the adoption, etc. He knew all this was going to happen when you bought those tickets. Don't let the enemy rob you by making you live in guilt. God doesn't send guilt --- only Satan. God sends reminders (the difference between guilt from Satan and reminders/conviction from God is: if the feeling you feel makes you want to run away or hide from God, it is from Satan. If it makes you want to run to God for forgiveness or thankfulness, it is from God. That low-grade feeling of ickyness/blahs/not-sure-whats-wrong-but-I-must have done-something-wrong feeling is from Satan. God will tell you specifically what is wrong and what you need to do to change).

....just my 2 cents worth....


ManyBlessings said...

I think you are right in going on the cruise. Who knows, maybe this was part of God's plan, to have you close to Florida? I'll keep praying here as you wait.