Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Lesson I Learned From My Kids

I am constantly being taught lessons about kindness and love from my kids. Today's teachers were the above brothers. Jude (11) and Johnny (8). We had been out running errands for hours and the kids had been little angels. I decided to treat them each to their very own scoop of ice cream. They roared with excitement! Ice Cream treats are serious business with our kids. Half of us got our ice cream in a cup and the other half got theirs on a cone. Johnny had not even had a chance to enjoy his cold delight when it rolled off the cone and on the floor. His little face just fell. Jude (who had his in a cup) immediatly asked Johnny for his cone. I could see the wheels turning in Johnny's head as he processed that by giving Jude his cone he would have nothing. He handed his cone over to his brother. Jude began to scoop at least half of his ice cream onto Johnny's cone and handed it back to him. Johnny's look of shock was priceless. Sheer awe and joy!! It brought tears to my eyes to see my boys acting so beautifully towards each other.

What if we all behaved this way? What if we gave even thinking we would get nothing in return? What if we shared generously and unexpectedly with others who have nothing? Wouldn't we all live happier lives?


Kathy C. said...

How sweet that he just did that on his own.

Mr Nice Guy said...

Jude, you rock!

Amanda said...

Ok, girl. I'm going to Haiti October 6. You should TOTALLY go get a ticket and meet us there :~)