Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Race To Our Goal Continues!

Update on how the Home Study is coming together~ Oh man... it has been non-stop (or so it seems) working on doing all we need to do for the home study. First it was the stacks of paper work. I had piles of papers all over our big desk and even in stacks on the floor all around it. It was crazy! There are just so many papers and so many details to take care of.

For the last week and a half we have really been swamped with the medical exams that need to be done for every family member in our home. Yes, that would be 7 physicals we need done in a matter of a couple weeks! Beyond that, Jim and I need all sorts of lab work done. So, that would be enough alone but in the physicals for the kids so many other things are coming up. Especially with Johnny and Lovenie. They are being referred out to so many specialists for so many different things that I have lost count of it all. Last week we took Lovenie to the eye doctor to learn that she will be sent on to a specialist and will be needing eye surgeries. She is also being sent on to a neurologist, development specialist (for her delays from the stroke), speech therapy, and so much more. This week was Johnny's turn. Some of his highlights are that his poor little hips are such a mess that he may need to use braces, his vision is so bad that we ordered glasses for him today, his doctor thinks he may have tourettes (something we have been told by another doctor in the past too), and ADHD, in addition to his aspergers (high functioning autism)! Many many specialists, X-rays, prescriptions, injections, etc. There are also the more minor things like his sinus infection and bad allergies. Also last week we did an X-ray on Jude's wrists to get an idea of how old he really is. I feel like I'm juggling one appointment or testing after another and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon but I'm so very thankful that our kids are getting the help they need! Between today, and a couple days last week, I am clocking in 31 hours of non-stop running errands and appointments, in 3 days, with 5 kids. Need I express how very tired I am?

All that being said~ The home study is coming along wonderfully! The agency we are working with has been so good to us. Our new home study has basically already been written and is just waiting for the last of our medical exams (Kyle gets his done next week and we'll be done with those!), a couple referral letters, and a visit from their social worker (which happens on Saturday the 25th). Looks like everything is falling into place. The pace set to make this all happen in such a short time has been tough but it's working! We've also been told that we will receive from Haiti all the paper work that is being requested by USCIS (immigration) by the end of this month. This all makes our immigration deadline of August 21st very likely doable!

That miracle we were praying for seems to be unfolding. Thanks for all your prayers!


Amanda said...

Praise God for the miracle in action! :~)

And I surely hope you have MEGA-AWESOME HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!

I hope you let us know Jude's age! I'm so curious!

sheri wiebe said...

Hey, don't forget to breathe! Hang in there!