Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oceanside Exercise

These days EVERY day is a full and busy day. I can't believe how busy we have been. These last couple of weeks have been a not-real-fun-busy of long days with back to back medical appointments, paper work, and errands.

Today started off with a bang as all 7 of us had dental appointments. I was worried about how all the kids would do but they were total ANGELS. They make their Mama so proud! However, the good behavior ended with the kids as the staff and dentist were so rude and yuck. We will not be returning. Does anyone that lives near us have a dentist that they love and would want to share with us?

Then we had to run a really yuck appointment~ to CPS, groan. I can't tell you how much it bothers me to have a file with CPS. I guess we assumed that if you are a good parent you will not have to deal with them, but with adoption (especially of older children) there are risks. Anyways... I need a copy of the report from when they had to come to our home due to the situation with Stephanie. I've been calling and trying to get it for 3 weeks but I keep reaching voicemail and leaving messages but no one would return my call. We need it to wrap up our home study. So today I decided to jump in the car and drive to Oakland and show up at the office and not leave until I had it in my hands. Once I got there I learned that you can not approach the office as you are stopped in the lobby by police officers behind a window. When I told them why I was there they told me that I could not get a report by coming to the office and would need to CALL to request the report and then wait 2-3 weeks to receive it. Not being intimidated by the badge I pressed on and (politely) insisted that I had tried that route and it wasn't working and I needed that report ASAP. They finally called the office and managed to get me on the phone with someone (which I had decided already made the trip worth while!). She too started to tell me that she would take the request but then I must wait the 2-3 weeks for the report. I don't know if it was sweet talking or the near hysteria in my voice that won her over but she decided to make an exception for me and do the report. 45 minutes after arriving I walked out with it! Woo Hoo!!! Here is hoping that this will be my last interaction with CPS~ EVER!

I was aware that the many errands like this are just no fun for the kids, and they have been so very good for me through them all. So, I decided it was time to forget all that needed to be done and go and have some fun with them. So off we went to a Marina and park that someone told me about. It was so great to breathe in some ocean air while we did the par course together. We had taken Maisy (our sweet dog) with us and you could tell she was just as happy as all the kids were. Then we ended off the outing with dinner at a nearby Marina restaurant that we've eaten at once before and loved. Jim was working late (to make up the time he took off to help at the dentist) so it was just me and the kids. They are fabulous dinner dates!


Becky Hinchley said...

Good for you Angela for standing your ground and not leaving until you had that report in your hands. Kudos to you girl!


Nadia said...

hey Angela, I don't have a map in front of me, but curious..are you at the top of CA or the bottom?? we're going to be in oregon in a couple of weeks and curious how close you are? :)